366 Grid Challenge Completed!

posted Mar 11, 2013, 9:09 AM by Greg Jewett
It's done!  It is finally done!  I have completed my 366 grid challenge, finally finding a cache on every calendar day including the hard to obtain leap-day of February 29th!

I almost completed this grid last year, but the odds were stacked against me, as I went on a cruise with my wife and came down with a nasty C-DIFF intestinal bug that kept me off my feet.  So, I had 4 holes in my grid that had to wait until the following year.

Well, 2013 arrived, I had reminders in my calendar, reminders posted everywhere so I would not forget.  I was sitting in a restaurant received an FTF notice and thought - what a really cool cherry on top - finish my grid with an FTF!  Alas, I reached the cache minutes to late and snagged second-to-find, and completed my 366-grid!