Are you lost?

posted Jun 26, 2011, 5:24 PM by Greg Jewett   [ updated Jun 27, 2011, 8:07 AM ]

This is a fun cache for those who are probably lost winding through these country roads.

The difficulty of 3 on this cache is for the height requirements. If you do not have at least a 6-foot reach (height plus length of arm), I would recommend that you bring something sturdy to stand on to reach the cache. I am probably over-exaggerating the difficulty, but better safe than sorry.

This is a microcache that has be camouflaged to fit into its surroundings! :) It is a log only, please BYOP! .
The cache is hidden just on the outskirts of my retired in-laws property. Please park in the driveway as they roads are narrow and no room to pull off to the side.  They are looking forward watching some of the cachers look for the cache, if they are at home. You are more than welcome to ring the door bell and introduce yourselves if you want -- they do not bite! .
Have fun and keep on caching!

Look in the larger of the two trees and the intersection of their driveway and CR248. It is in the "V" or crook of the tree, where the two limbs separate and climb up. It may be covered with some bark.

GC Code: GC2RY14
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