Caching in San Antonio

posted Aug 18, 2015, 10:14 AM by Greg Jewett   [ updated Aug 18, 2015, 11:08 AM ]
WOW!  What a day!  The weather was perfect and the geocaches where be found at just about every ground-zero (GZ) location that we wandered and searched in. 

Woke up in the morning and did my work-out, and rousted the boys from their slumber.  Had them dress in the geocaching t-shirts and hustled them into the car.  We drove down to San Antonio, picking up some breakfast along the way and arrived in San Antonio at the FlyingZZ roost.   We picked up Team FlyingZZ and off we went to our first cache of the say -- a puzzle cache that we determined would be a good first cache for the adults and junior members would be interested in solving, as it involved legos and assembling a lego version of Signal the Frog.   Once the lego signal was completed, coordinates could be found on the back that took you to the final cache which was also made from legos.  All the boys thought that this was very cool.