GeoJewett Pathtag

posted Oct 27, 2011, 9:17 AM by Greg Jewett   [ updated Feb 1, 2013, 10:00 AM ]

This is the final design, where the gray areas are the raised edges.

A new pathtag design has been submitted for the GeoJewett team of Geocachers!  The design and order was submitted September 29th, so it should be coming soon. 

Team GeoJewett - hide, seek, find! :)
We love to go geocaching and introducing new people to the sport and go out with friends and find together.

This was the original design submitted.
This is our first pathtag that we plan on using to give to cachers we meet, provide as FTF prizes, etc.

The design was one that includes several aspects to geocaching:  compass, ammo can, the GeoJewett team logo (with the globe), the geocaching general color square, and map.  The humor is the design is that there is a path you can follow to get to the "X" (cache - ammo can), much like a pirate map.

Regarding Pathtag trading: Prefer to find pathtags and receive them as memorabilia and collect them.   However, I will trade some GeoJewett tags for some other really cool international and well designed tags.

ADDENDUM:  I initially thought that trading was going to be fun, but when I received several international trade requests and learned the costs for trade shipments ranged from $10-$30, I decided to no longer trade them, it was going to be an expensive activity.  So, I will give out / trade my pathtags with those geocachers that I meet.