Pf Chess Challange - ARCHIVED

posted Dec 22, 2012, 7:27 PM by Greg Jewett   [ updated Aug 18, 2015, 11:42 AM ]
This cache series was archived.   With sadness in my heart, this series has to be archived. It was a collaboration effort with my chess loving boys. The final cache came under attack by evil ground-leveling bulldozers not just once, but a second time, leveling the area for development.

The other caches had been muggled more times than should be allowed, and had to be taken offline many times.

IF YOU had collected all the pieces, solved the final but could not get to the final in time before its demise and want a smiley, please contact me directly, we can work together to determine if you solved the puzzle and award you that well-deserved smiley.

Thanks for all the fun!

My son and I just created and published a new series that we have been working on a while that has a puzzle final.

Unknown Cache Pf Chess Hunt: Checkmate!
A cache by GeoJewett

You should have fun with this one.  My son has really become a chess fanatic, and what better way to mix his new obsession with Dad's favorite sport, but create a series of caches with a puzzle to solve for a final bonus cache!  Remember to write down the information on the puzzle piece.  You must collect the information from all 10 puzzle pieces to solve for the coordinates for the final bonus cache!

Assemble the puzzle pieces and then play a game of chess. Compare the resulting board with the board below to solve the final coordinates.

Puzzle Coordinates
N (wK)° (wB)(wP).(wQ)(bN)(bQ)'  W (bR)° (wN).(bB)(bK)

I had my son and my father all test out the puzzle, and boy was I glad they did - as they helped debug the puzzle and find many errors that have been corrected before it was published! 

  There is a very important puzzle piece in each tube along with the cache log sheet. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THIS PUZZLE PIECE!
Please make sure that you make note of the information on each puzzle piece if you intend on trying to find the final bonus cache!

The caches that you must find first are:

You can verify your answer here:

You can validate your puzzle solution with certitude.

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