Some new hides!

posted Aug 25, 2012, 6:38 AM by Greg Jewett   [ updated Aug 25, 2012, 6:38 AM ]
This article is late in coming.  It has been a very busy several months, with a new job, family vacations, keeping up with kid's summer activities -- but I still had time to do some Geocaching and put some hides out!  This cache was one of a set of geocaches hidden round the first part of July by myself and my friend and geobuddy PvilleSteve.  He wanted to put out his first hide, so we all went out with GPSr units in hand and walked around some parks with children in tow.  We found some great hiding places and settled on two.

Traditional Cache
Shipwrecked: The drought got this one!  (GC3Q1E2)
by GeoJewett
From the description:  We were hunting around our stomping grounds to hide a cache as we needed to get our find/hide ratio more in balance.  We thought we would hide this funny one!  Only one way in, and the road that the cache is located on is an access road.  There is absolutely no reason to trespass or go beyond the fence.   You will get the title of the cache (and chuckle a little) when you get to GZ.   Should be an easy park and grab cache (but I promise it is not a LPC).  Please be warned that the cache is near a really nasty tree with thorns - not a hawthe-thorn or mesquite - but still looks mean.  You can easily avoid the thorns to snag the cache!

Traditional Cache
Not So Great Divide (GC3Q27T)
by PvilleSteve & GeoJewett
From the description:  You're looking for a camo peanut butter jar.  Our subdivision decided we needed a fence to separate us from the neighboring subdivision.  It's a bit silly since there's easy access via sidewalks and streets as well, but, SHRUG...  Anyway along this divide you'll find our first cache.  My daughter and I enjoyed meeting up with the GeoJewett family and placing this one together.  The coords should be pretty much dead on since we got the same numbers with two separate GPSs.