Team GeoJewett snags 4 FTF's!

posted Apr 29, 2011, 6:39 PM by Greg Jewett   [ updated Apr 29, 2011, 7:34 PM ]
We saw some new caches go up on from bartman914 -- and saw them show up in Taylor, Texas.   I watched through throughout the day to see if they get found before I could get out of work!  I left work on time, and picked up the boys, and Evan was excited about getting our first FTF, since we missed one recently in Pflugerville. 

As we drove to Taylor, Evan enter the GC code, and looked at the name of the cache: "Summerfield Home", and we all started to think, where this would be -- Evan was thinking it was a field area, and I told him that usually something with "home" in the title is a retirement home, or something similar - but were where both wrong when it turned out to be a neighborhood.   We tracked to the cache, and Evan located it quickly.  We opened the contain in anticipation - crisp log - in a ziplock bag that looked new -- could it be -- unrolled the log - and FTF!  Our first!

Could our luck hold?  We entered the second GC code and proceeded to the next GZ - and it took us out in the middle of nowhere in a "Turn Out" small dirt turn-around area.  When we pulled up to it literally in the car, and got out we started to scope it out.  We noticed some PI, but carefully avoided it, and found the cache.  It was pretty funny to find some Tecnu as part of the cache swag.  Already having some -- we opted for the keychain, and left a mini-uno card game and a matchbox car.

We were all getting hungry -- so we figured that we could get some food, and wined and dined at the local Ghatti's Pizza.  Once our tummy's where full, we decided we wanted to grab one more cache, and hope it was another FTF.   We proceed to a park, and tromped around in the corn field a little bit - which we thought it odd place for a cache, and decided that the enclosure near-by was a better possible location, and turned out that my GPS was giving us some error in the location of the cache.  We found the the nicely camouflaged cache attached to the structure with a nice big earth-rare magnet.  We signed the log and found out that my wife's plane had landed. 

Wanting to get home and see Mom, we headed home, but found that another bartman914 cache was on the way home, so we stopped by the Hutto water works.  The cache size is off a little bit, since it was a matchstick container - we usually see those designated as micro-caches. Being thrown off on the size, it look us a little longer to find this one due to the fact we where not looking in the micro-cache locations.  Once we found it, we hopped in the car and headed home.

 1 Found it Summerfield Home
Found it Turn Out
Found it Play Ball
Found it Hutto Waterworks