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... to the nook of GeoJewett, home of geocaching information and stuff that I found around the net regarding my favorite hobby and sport Geocaching!

I am currently in the process of traveling around Texas (hopefully someday to get all 254 counties), and visiting as many states and countries as possible, both to explore and geocache! :)

We are always interested in hearing about the clever caches that people have put together, and want to encourage more unique caches that get the "Wow!" or "Cool!" exclamation when they are found based on the cache design and the location. We have really enjoyed some really cool ones!

Geocaching Extreme - D4.5/T4.0

Team GeoJewett

How it started...

My boys (Evan and Eron) and I started Geocaching on a wonderful Saturday morning of March 12th, 2011. We found 9 caches that day and fell in love with the sport. We settled on a geocaching handle of "GeoJewett" as it best fits our family as a team of geocachers, myself as a lone cacher, and our desire to cache everywhere we can. We have successfully created a couple of cache hides - all documented on this site.

Team GeoJewett