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New cache: A tribute to Nona Ruth Michaelsen!

July 7, 2014

This Geocache was placed in a tribute to my mother-in-law Nona Ruth Michaelsen! Nona is the mother of my beautiful wife! Nona was initially confused by Geocaching when I tried to explain it. However after taking her out Geocaching and she watched myself and my nephews happily went bounding off and coming back smiling as we found the cache. We have a cache at there house (GC2RY0Z), where they met several Geocachers that came to visit and rang their doorbell! :)

Nona Ruth Muennink Michaelsen, beloved wife, mother, and grandmother, was gathered into the arms of Christ on Wednesday, April 9, 2014, at home in Schulenburg after a struggle with cancer.

Nona was born in Freer, Texas on January 10, 1942, to Marvin and Pearl Muennink. She graduated from Devine High School and went to Southwest Texas State University. In 1962, she met the love of her life, Dorman Carl Michaelsen. They were married June 13, 1964, thirteen days after they both graduated from Southwest Texas State University.

She felt her greatest achievements were her three children. While raising her family, she received her Master’s Degree from the University of Houston at Victoria and taught mathematics. Her teaching career lasted 36½ years at several different schools. She loved teaching and kept in touch with many of her former students through the years.

She is survived by Dorman, her husband of 49 years and 10 months; sons Veric and wife Jerri Michaelsen of San Antonio and Vincent Michaelsen of La Grange; daughter Venae and husband Greg Jewett of Pflugerville; grandchildren Zayne and Zack Michaelsen, Samantha and Seth Michaelsen, and Evan and Eron Jewett; sisters Nelda Smith of Victoria and Neva and husband Myron Saathoff of Hondo; and many loving nieces and nephews.

August 25, 2012

This article is late in coming. It has been a very busy several months, with a new job, family vacations, keeping up with kid's summer activities -- but I still had time to do some Geocaching and put some hides out! This cache was one of a set of geocaches hidden round the first part of July by myself and my friend and geobuddy PvilleSteve. He wanted to put out his first hide, so we all went out with GPSr units in hand and walked around some parks with children in tow. We found some great hiding places and settled on two.

Shipwrecked: The drought got this one! (GC3Q1E2)
Traditional Cache
by GeoJewett

From the description: We were hunting around our stomping grounds to hide a cache as we needed to get our find/hide ratio more in balance. We thought we would hide this funny one! Only one way in, and the road that the cache is located on is an access road. There is absolutely no reason to trespass or go beyond the fence. You will get the title of the cache (and chuckle a little) when you get to GZ. Should be an easy park and grab cache (but I promise it is not a LPC). Please be warned that the cache is near a really nasty tree with thorns - not a hawthe-thorn or mesquite - but still looks mean. You can easily avoid the thorns to snag the cache!

Not So Great Divide (GC3Q27T)
Traditional Cache
by PvilleSteve & GeoJewett

From the description: You're looking for a camo peanut butter jar. Our subdivision decided we needed a fence to separate us from the neighboring subdivision. It's a bit silly since there's easy access via sidewalks and streets as well, but, SHRUG... Anyway along this divide you'll find our first cache. My daughter and I enjoyed meeting up with the GeoJewett family and placing this one together. The coords should be pretty much dead on since we got the same numbers with two separate GPSs.

Are you lost?
June 27, 2011

This is a fun cache for those who are probably lost winding through these country roads. The difficulty of 3 on this cache is for the height requirements. If you do not have at least a 6-foot reach (height plus length of arm), I would recommend that you bring something sturdy to stand on to reach the cache. I am probably over-exaggerating the difficulty, but better safe than sorry. This is a microcache that has be camouflaged to fit into its surroundings! :) It is a log only, please BYOP! .The cache is hidden just on the outskirts of my retired in-laws property. Please park in the driveway as they roads are narrow and no room to pull off to the side. They are looking forward watching some of the cachers look for the cache, if they are at home. You are more than welcome to ring the door bell and introduce yourselves if you want -- they do not bite! .

Have fun and keep on caching!

Look in the larger of the two trees and the intersection of their driveway and CR248. It is in the "V" or crook of the tree, where the two limbs separate and climb up. It may be covered with some bark.

GC Code: GC2RY14
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May 4, 2011

West Pickle Research (WPR) Campus Caches Hidden
Two more caches have been hidden at the University of Texas WPR building walking trail.

  • Gravel in my shoes (GC2RY10)

  • Cedar Shade (GC2RY11)

I have always wanted to find some locations along this trail to hide a couple of caches. It is a great walking trail, and I think these will be some good Park and Grabs (P&Gs) that will bring some caches to this area.

Cambridge Bush

April 29, 2011
This is a fairly easy P&G cache, that is my youngest son's first cache hide. He wanted to pick a natural setting that his microcache could blend into its surroundings that he helped camouflage! :) GC Code: GC2RY12 Check out the cache on

Keeping It Green

April 17, 2011

A new cache that designed myself after seeing a couple similar designs online that were meant to be hide-a-key, a mock sprinkler head. I found a broken sprinkler head that has been discarded, but that was still in good shape. I cleaned it up and sealed up all the openings to make it water tight, since it will be exposed to the watering schedule by real sprinklers and mother nature. I created a PVC enclosure that I staked into the ground that the sprinkler head will fit into so it can be easily removed and replaced as geocachers find the cache.

GC Code: GC2TAK5
Check out the cache on

This is a deviously hidden cache very near my home. There are many tools used in the arsenal of the homeowner to help keep things green during the heat and dry parts of Texas, this is disguised as one of them, which one, is for you to find! :)

Feel free to explore the side of the house and yard area near the trail. There is no reason to beyond the trail or driveway. Good luck!

I had seen many of these sold online as a creative cache type. When I came across one in descent shape that I could clean and fix up, I decided to make it into a cache.

Hint: The name of the cache is a good hint. Think of it as what helps in the task of the cache name?

April 9, 2011

No More Sniffles!

I was at my allergist this morning and decided that they location needed a cache. I think I am being pretty clever with the hiding place for this little cache. It is a microcache that is well camouflaged into its surroundings within some very well manicured landscaping. Check out the cache on

For GC2RR83: No More Sniffles! (Traditional Cache)
Location: Texas, United States9.6mi SW (15.4km SW)
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