Caching with FlyingZZ

Caching in San Antonio
August 18, 2015

WOW! What a day! The weather was perfect and the geocaches where be found at just about every ground-zero (GZ) location that we wandered and searched in.

Woke up in the morning and did my work-out, and rousted the boys from their slumber. Had them dress in the geocaching t-shirts and hustled them into the car. We drove down to San Antonio, picking up some breakfast along the way and arrived in San Antonio at the FlyingZZ roost. We picked up Team FlyingZZ and off we went to our first cache of the say -- a puzzle cache that we determined would be a good first cache for the adults and junior members would be interested in solving, as it involved legos and assembling a lego version of Signal the Frog. Once the lego signal was completed, coordinates could be found on the back that took you to the final cache which was also made from legos. All the boys thought that this was very cool.

Went caching with FlyingZZ!

June 26, 2011

We tracked down "Three Towers" (GC1436W) and thought we found the cache on the ground, a matchstick container. Then my oldest yelled out -- "Hey Dad! That is not the right cache - it is up there..". Upon which I looked up and there was a bison tube hanging from the tree from a screw. The hunt had yet another twist for us, as both log sheets in both caches, indicated that same cache -- huh? So we signed both, replaced both and told the CO about it.All, in all, we had a good time. I am glad that my brother-in-law seems to enjoy it, and hopefully this will give he and his boys more reasons to get out and find caches and bond together. We all look forward to visiting Granny again and finding some more caches together.

So I have been talking about Geocaching a lot with my extended family, after they had seen me dash off to find caches while we at family gatherings. After explaining what it was and showed them the stuff I have found and the stories about the caches we found, they wanted to try it out. I even had the audience of my mother-in-law to join us from the safety of the car while watching my nieces, nephews, my boys and my bother-in-law all go hunt for the caches after we reached the GZ.

We signed my bother-in-law (Veric) up for an account on under the username of "FlyingZZ" (after the names of their boys Zack and Zayne). We pulled up the map of the available geocaches in the area (not many), but some cool ones -- none-the-less. So after breakfast, we ventured out to the first cache. It was a cache that we had previously found, "Wow, you must love cachin'" (GC1444A), and wanted to let FlyingZZ find and log as well.

We then proceeded to one of the painted church caches, Praha-- Painted Church Tour (GC12EJ0), in this area and looked around. My oldest found this one and we explored it contents. This being their first cache, they were excited to see this size and contents. I dropped a TB and we hid it again.

We then proceeded on to "President's Day Cache #2" (GC1101E) and arrived at the GZ. We did not even attempt this one. We pulled into the turn around and immediate saw the enemy outside the window. It was of the PI variety. Since both my bother-in-law (FlyingZZ) recently recovered from a cellulitis and I had already had our fun with this nasty stuff, neither of us wanted to venture out in the abundance of PI for this cache in shorts. Maybe if were were in jeans or such, but we were also with our kids, and instructed them to stay in the car while we scoped it out.

We went after the other "President's Day Cache #1" (GC1101X), and my youngest nephew found the container on this one. We dropped another trackable and some additional swag and hid this one again.

With Granny having fun watching us all hunt for the caches we visited many other caches:

    • I Have to Pee (GC29968)

    • High Hill-- Painted Church Tour (GC12EJ3)

    • Ammansville - Painted Church Tour (GC12EJ5

    • Cache Czech out Flatonia! (GC1WWNX)

    • Flatonia Oak Hill Cemetery 310 (GC2HPF7)