Sad News

April 8th, 2011

Have some sad news today. My son very first cache that he designed and put together was found to be muggled today. We went out as a family to check on the cache and look at our first log entry from the FTF. When we arrived, the site was empty. The cache was missing. My son was devastated!

I am guessing that we tried to put a fairly large cache in to much of a high-traffic area. I am just mad that I also used this cache to put a Geocoin on its adventure, and now that coin has also gone missing because we only had one find - from our friend "Dr. Pflug" (FTF), and we know that he did not pick up the coin.

Anyway - the cache was located in the Cambridge Estates neighborhood in Pflugerville, TX. We had gotten permission from all the neighbors and the HOA president to place the cache in the public area, so we know it was not removed because it was not wanted or lacked permission. So we know it had to be some punk who thought it was cool and ran off with it.

If anyone in the area know of people or neighbors in the area, and want to spread the word, in case it was brought home or found, we would love to have it returned and we will find a new home for it. We are putting up a missing sign to alert people using the trail to give me a call if they had seen it or maybe saw some take off with it!

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Log Date: 4/8/2011

We just went for a family walk, to check on our cache and found that it had been muggled. Didn't last two weeks. I guess it was to high of a traffic area for such a big cache!

Lost a geocoin and our Dr. Pflug FTF log book.

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