Podcacher Podcast Contributions

Nov 29, 2011

I have come to really enjoy the Podcacher podcast, so I decided to contribute to the podcast. Below are sniplets of the show where Team GeoJewett has been mention on the show. If you have not heard about Podcachers, you should definitely listen to the podcast that Sonny, Sandy, and Sean put together weekly. You can learn more and listen to their shows at: http://www.podcachers.com/

Map Tools Mention
from show 332

A Podcacher listener was looking for a solution to the common problem of know where they can hide their first cache, based on the rules of no cache near a 500-foot radius of another. "...one of our smart, AND good-looking listeners GeoJewett answered that question..."

GeoJewett calling in our 500/600 milestones
from show 337

It is a common practice that is you a listener of the show that people like to call in their geocaching find milestones while they are at the cache site or write in to let everyone know and they will read it on their show. GeoJewett wrote in to announce their 500 and 600th milestones.

Cub Scouts (Webelos Extreme Adventure Camp)
from show 333

I submitted the following story to the Podcacher podcast for their "Above and Beyond" contest. The story that I submitted was one regarding the many classes that I volunteered to teach at a cubscout camp in Bastrop, Texas.

Podcacher Inspiration Contest
from show 341

A contest that the Podcacher team put together to have listeners to call in and tell them about things that they have learned from Podcacher that helped them be a better geocachers, had more fun, whether it be a tip, cache idea, or a story that gave you inspiration, or just made them smile. Back in show 333, GeoJewett told a story about Geocaching and boy scouts. This gave listener RedRiderX a inspiration to do something similar on their own. Listen to find out more.