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January 15, 2012

Trying to log this cache while sobbing and frantic as any parent would be after having to take their child to the doctor as a result of geocaching adventure is no fun!It started out as a really great afternoon, the weather had warmed up enough to be comfortable and my son and I decided to go and knock out the rest of the caches in NE Metro park. We came prepared with the basics and found the one cache that had evaded us for a while. We looked at the last cache to grab -- and it was this cache - a tough multi-cache. Reading through the logs, we unsure if it was wise to go after this with only a couple of hours of sunlight left, but we said - "What the heck.."!We venture off, following the GPS to the starting coordinates. The initial climb was really tough, and I was surprised after joining a gym and working out, I was huffing and puffing at the top. I am glad my son and I were tall - as we could not imagine climbing that PI infested tree to get the cache, but with my son on my shoulders he was able to reach up and take a picture of the card with the next set of coordinates. We entered the next set of marching orders, and the next, finding large rocks and branches (seems that some one came through with machete and left lots of debris for us to use) to heave into really questionable wet and muddy terrain to get to the next. Then it happened, we found the final, and my son was sooo happy that he went running down a hill and tripped in a large rut in the path and impaled himself with a branch. Luckily it was not to deep was able to pull it out and patch him up. Thanks for the war wounds, adventure and worn out feet! BGTx! :)

In case you have not figured it out - this story is a log from a "liar's cache".

Münchausen's View
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